Life In Yorkshire

Whether you're born and bred in 'Gods own country', spent the best days of your life here propping up the union bar or have never even set eyes on the dales or moors, Yorkshire's great and we'll tell you why.

The cost of living in Yorkshire is loads cheaper than you'll find south of the border with savings on everything from the price of a pint to the cost of the average house. With the cost of setting up home in Yorkshire being around £100,000 pounds cheaper than the national average, you can't go wrong.

The lifestyle 'oop North' is also a little different then you'll find down south. Even in the busy cities of Leeds and Sheffield the pace is a lot more relaxed than you'll find in the capital and the people are whole lot friendlier too.


Contrary to popular belief, whippets and flatcaps aren't mandatory. Instead, Yorkshire residents enjoy everything from extreme sports on the edge of the Peaks to fantastic shopping in Leeds or even fish and chips at Scarborough Castle on the popular East Coast. With sea, city and dale within easy reach, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you're into country walks or prefer hitting the clubs, the UK's biggest county can offer you the lot. With 1,000 square miles of national park on your doorstop but still just minutes away from vibrant and lively cities like Leeds, Sheffield and York, you'll never be stuck for things to do at the weekend.




More comfortable with a cocktail in hand? You'll find loads of trendy bars and restaurants. There are also plenty of top venues to catch live bands and if busting some moves on the dance floor is your idea of a perfect Saturday night out, you'll be spoilt for choice.

If you want to work in Yorkshire you can expect to find yourself working with a team of friendly, open and welcoming people who are proud about what they do and where they live, who value honesty and you can also expect to encounter a whole load of straight talking folk.

It's these Yorkshire folk that make the county what it is. They're probably the proudest people in England when it comes to their home and once you've spent some time here, you'll feel the same way too!