PR Account Manager, Green Communications

Thomas studied an Undergraduate course in BA Economics and Publishing at Oxford Brookes before a Post Grad Diploma in Radio Journalism at Trinity and All Saints, Leeds.

When I started my undergrad course, I'd expected to find a job in Publishing as it was a vocational course. I was disappointed by the lack of any real help from the careers service at the University while I was there. When I left, I decided to get into journalism instead. Although I had strong experience from working on a commercial radio station whilst at University, I seemed to have no luck in this competitive industry. 

I'd failed to even get called to interview for 2-3 months but had received useful feedback that the lack of a journalism qualification was the main stumbling block. During this time I booked myself onto a well respected but fast-track post graduate course in Leeds. 

I had better mentoring at Trinity and All Saints meaning I was able to find out about vacancies and receive advise on suitable roles. While I was on the course, I'd gained a job interview, got the job and joined the radio station Silk FM in Macclesfield soon after completing my exams. Not only was it a job, but I was one of the three 'journalists' employed for the station's launch.

After a successful start to my career in Journalism I later joined Green Communications as a PR account manager and we often use Yorkshire Graduates's services to advertise both our junior and more advanced roles.