Graduate Profile: James Craven

Degree: Business Studies with Marketing, 1st Class

Role: Consultant

Having moved to Leeds after university I chose to apply to Sagar Wright for a number of different reasons. Firstly, I had always wanted a career in business and Sagar Wright gave me the opportunity to work at a very high level, with top-tier clients almost immediately after my training. Secondly, as a driven and ambitious young chap I wanted to find a role with entrepreneurial freedom, in which I could develop my own business & progress quickly. Thirdly, I wanted to develop my business development skills, as I had realised that relationship building, service delivery & revenue generation were vital skills to have in any business environment, and would help me guarantee my own success.

The recruitment process was an almost perfect representation of working life at Sagar Wright. It was tough, challenging, frustrating, very hard work, yet enjoyable, fun, developmental, with plenty of support along the way.

Since joining, I have gone from a raw, unskilled graduate to effectively running my own business within the Sagar Wright structure. I lead and manage all of our key investment client relationships, I have developed a number of new markets and have won plenty of new clients for Sagar Wright. I am now one of the top performers companywide and could not have achieved this without the continuous skill development that I receive from my manager & from those around me.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of working here, is the freedom you are given to forge your own career path. Sagar Wright operates an Equity Partnership Scheme, where you can receive investment from the MD to set up your own business in conjunction with Sagar Wright. I have a little way to go yet, but I've firmly set my sights on achieving this.

Graduate Profile: Peter Knowles

Degree: Business Studies, 1st Class

Role: Commercial Director 

I graduated with a 1st Class Degree in Business Studies after completing a 4 year course which included a successful Placement within a FTSE 250 recruitment company. I hugely enjoyed many aspects of working in the recruitment sector - the buzz of closing a deal; the sales focussed environment and the office atmosphere, so when I left University, I knew that I wanted to stay within the industry. However I just didn’t feel challenged enough by the nature of agency work and it was this realisation that led me to seek the natural step up in my career to a role within the Headhunting profession. The highly technical, niche markets that Sagar Wright operated in hugely appealed to me, and I was fascinated by the level of detail within the search methodology and the technical skill required to be successful. This was no longer a numbers game, and I knew that this environment was at the top of the industry and thus consequently my personal development would be rapidly accelerated.

I joined in 2009 and I haven’t looked back, 5 promotions in 5 years, culminating in my new of role as Commercial Director, Top Biller 4 years’ in a row, the highest annual billing record in the company’s history and three all expensed holidays to Monte Carlo! I thrive on the challenge, and the support and development from my colleagues has been exceptional since the day I joined.

I’m delighted that I became a part of a privately owned firm rather than returning to a Multi-National, the differences are huge, in particular I enjoyed lots of early responsibility, daily exposure to the M.D. and the ability to suggest, implement and drive a change. No need to wait for the annual employee engagement form, when you make the improvement yourself that day!

I’m massively excited about the future at Sagar Wright with my focus now on attracting high calibre individuals to the business, developing new client relationships and driving the expansion of the firm, alongside my fellow Directors.