Where did you study?

I studied for my degree at Leeds Metropolitan University.

How did you find out about Yorkshire Graduates?

I was given a selection of graduate recruitment websites by the university of which Yorkshire Graduates was one.

What’s good about the Yorkshire Graduates Service?

It provides career opportunities within a certain location, which allowed me to search for jobs within a more focused location. The website also allowed me to focus my search down to specific fields, locations and industries meaning time is not wasted filtering through needless searches. When dealing with Yorkshire Graduates I found the staff very easy to deal with, they were very informative and provided me with regular updates throughout the recruitment process.

What’s good about about working for Junction Solutions?

The programme at Junction Solutions has allowed me to gain great exposure to a range of different business areas and practices, it provides a sound footing on which to establish a career, while allowing me to enhance the skills, knowledge and experience I have already acquired. The company has shown great trust in me, not hesitating to give me responsibility for tasks and projects, while also allowing me the freedom to develop a successful path throughout the scheme. My mentors at the company have laid out a plan for the year that allows me to sample each area of the business, this is great for me as it allows me to sample a wide range of business practices, while developing new knowledge and skills. A stand out highlight of my time with Junction Solutions so far would be the business trip we took to Ireland for a meeting with Easons.  The trip took place over a couple of days and allowed me to experience the preparation that goes into such a trip, while also experiencing the ins and outs of the business meeting itself, the trip also gave me a great opportunity to build relationships with a number of my colleagues.

Junction Solutions is a fantastic company to work for, there is a great culture in place at the business, with a real team ethic evident throughout. The company has a clear trust in all its employees and they are eager to provide all the necessary resources required for an employee such as myself to grow. It is clear from the time I have spent with Junction Solutions that the company are keen to encourage employees to build relationships with one another, with the company regularly scheduling team nights out and events, I believe it is such practices that create the friendly and welcoming environment I have experienced upon my arrival and this makes the company a very attractive one to work for.

I have really enjoyed the time I have spent with Junction Solutions so far and I hope it is an experience that continues for a long time.

What’s great about living and working in Yorkshire?

Having spent the majority of my life living in Yorkshire I have become very accustomed to the lifestyle and culture of the region at Junction I have the best of both worlds as I can remain living in Yorkshire, while also experiencing life in some of the country’s major cities, such as Manchester.