What are the benefits of using our online service to recruit graduates? 

The great thing about using the online service was that Yorkshire Graduates did everything for us.  After supplying the basic information and guidelines, we knew that all the candidates that applied would be vetted and matched to our specifications. Their service is quick and efficient and we had a dedicated member from Yorkshire Graduates that we could call and talk to at anytime.  The graduates seemed to be very aware of the service and I believe felt confident that they would be looked after and not just added to a list of CV’s which can happen with some standard agencies.

Why did you choose to use Yorkshire Graduates?

Yorkshire Graduates is a great company to work with because they have a great knowledge of graduates and how best to recruit and work with them. They bring excellent techniques into their selection processes and their assessment days are incredibly well prepared, providing an accurate and in depth report on all the attendees. Having a specified account manager that understands your business and needs, and who works on a one to one basis with you, gives complete reassurance that the right candidates will end up in your business.