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Usability/UX Practitioner for Leeds - Leeds

This vacancy has now closed.

Employer: SimpleUsability Ltd

SimpleUsability is an award winning market usability & market research agency based in Leeds with a broad portfolio of customers that includes ASDA, Argos, Aviva, JET2, EE, Sky Gaming, Compare The Market, PepsiCo, Morrisons & Skipton Building Society.

Respected leaders in the exciting field of eye tracking, observing conscious and subconscious behaviour. Involved in web, print, video research, user centred design and much more, SimpleUsability is the ideal place to start a career for those that find human behaviour fascinating.

We have three full-time eye tracking studios in newly refurbished facilities in Marshall Mills, at the heart of Leeds. If you enjoy the new media lifestyle, then you will love working with us.
Job details:
In a nutshell, UX practitioners observe real people using websites and apps, to work out where we can improve the experience of using these to make it easier for people.

Suitable applicants will be interviewed as we receive them. Please send your application as soon as possible.

- Run testing sessions with real people using the websites or apps – observing how people use the website, where they succeed and where they have difficulty
- Analyse and prioritise the findings from the research, including subconscious user behaviour picked up with our eye-tracking technology
- Report the findings in a way that can be implemented by the web team, to build a better user experience on their site

Types of projects
- Website usability testing – observing people performing naturalistic tasks
- Tablet and mobile testing – observing people using websites or apps on mobile devices
- Remote research – observing and interviewing people remotely, and other techniques including surveys and cardsorting
- Field research – observing and interviewing people in store or in their own homes or offices
- Expert reviews – performing heuristic analysis on websites to draw up areas to improve the experience
- Print testing – including pamplets, brochures and letters, and testing
- Service design testing – looking at service use over time, often testing touchpoints within the overall user experience. This includes reviewing workflows and background processes
Role responsibilities
- Keeping up to date with the latest technology and media news
- Communicating and interacting with clients and other agencies seeking our services
- Preparing yourself and your team-mates for upcoming projects, making sure you are familiar and comfortable with the testing material
- Whilst testing, ensuring the users are made to feel at home and relaxed in the lab environment
- Observing, exploring and reporting on findings from testing sessions
- Presenting the findings in multiple ways in an accessible, actionable format
Person specification
- a perceptive individual, with a strong preference for research and keen to work at cutting edge of technology
- a natural team player
- a passion for UX (this could be from any of the following fields: HCI, Usability, web development, e-commerce, accessibility, interaction design, information architecture, content strategy, CRO, web-analytics, human behaviour research)
- exposure and or involvement with projects researching human behaviour
- strong interpersonal and communication skills and a cool head under pressure
- strong drive to use and develop your UX knowledge and skills
Skills & experience
- Degree with exposure to observing and researching human behaviour
- While an undergraduate degree in any research-based discipline would provide you with strong base for the methodological - challenges of usability research, it is more important you have a strong understanding of UX. In lieu of a university degree:
-- Ability to demonstrate understanding of qualitative and quantitiative research methods and techniques
-- Proven experience of working in market-research, web or software development industries
- High level of skill in written communication and office software
Degree: - Demonstrate observational skills that you can use to identify usability problems
- Awareness of UCD, user research methods & usability principles
- Attentive and focused listening, with personable and empathic traits
- Able to coordinate and manage your time through projects
- Advanced skills with Microsoft Office or alternative package
- Ability to write clearly and appropriately for the audience
- Great problem-solving skills
- Able & self-motivated to quickly pick up new skills, tools & software

- Experience of moderating usability testing and user research sessions
- Knowledge of user research methodologies
- Experience of user research techniques and tools, including:
-- Interviewing
-- Qualitative research and analysis
-- Quantitative statistical techniques & software packages
-- Reporting findings & recommendations
- Knowledge of user-centred design process
- Knowledge of design principles & usability heuristics, website structure & development process
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire
Salary: Dependent on experience
Advertised until: Closed Fri 03-Nov-2017
Job ref: GY/51963/UXPract-2017
Eligibility: Candidates must, by the start of their employment, have permission to work in the UK

Strictly no agencies

This vacancy has now closed.