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NORAs 2010 (also known as... National Online Recruitment Awards)

Created 06/08/2010 17:59 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

Before you ask, as one avid person has already tweeted, no this has nothing to do with Nora Batty.  Although this did bring a smile to us here at GY towers we hope that we've brought an even bigger smile to you guys as we've helped you bridge the gap between uni and bagging the ultimate job. At Graduates Yorkshire every member of the team is working furiously on your behalf as we really do care - we not only want the best for you grads but also for Yorkshire as a whole.  So if you love what we do and want to show your appreciation please vote for us in the NORAs 2010  - it only takes 1 min (we promise!) and by doing so you'll

be showing the rest of England what us folk in Yorkshire are really made of!  

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Not all bleak for Grads…

Created 05/08/2010 12:41 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

So the last month was a bit depressing for news, especially with the AGR survey claiming 69 grads are applying for each job!  We're sure most of you were holding your head in despair thinking this is the last thing I want to hear.  Well we're here to tell you it really isn't all doom and gloom for you grads.  Chin up and think positive because the recent discussions we've had from employers is that they're still crying out for grads.  So, I hear you wonder, how can this be true?  Well companies may have quite a few grads applying for their jobs but it isn't about quantity but ALL about quality.  Although you might be in competition with a few others if you can stand out from the crowd and really shine then you're home free!

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Created 03/08/2010 16:41 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

 Need some guidance in these uncertain times? Well fear not as now you can get career guidance straight from the comfort of your own home!  Leeds University have kindly teamed up with Graduates Yorkshire to give advice to grads living in Yorkshire. You can use E-Guidance for a wide range of careers queries e.g. options after your course, choosing a course, changing your postgraduate course, job search strategies, interview and application advice, or information about particular job areas.

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Social Media Live Debate

Created 03/08/2010 16:34 Last updated 14/01/2015 13:48

Less than a year ago the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) warned that ‘social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter should not be used by employers to recruit graduates'.  Fast forward 10 months and how much things have changed. In an ever increasingly competitive market it seems that social media can help graduates get that edge over their peers.  On the other hand it is also changing the world of recruitment where these days you'll find a lot more employers surfing the social media channels in hot pursuit of their ideal candidate.

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Your Chance to Shine!

Created 03/08/2010 16:17 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

After taking an unexpected holiday our blog is back and running and better than ever before.  Graduates Yorkshire is part of the community and for that reason we decided to let you, the readers take control.

In the past few weeks we've had guest blogs from interns and also from employers.  We're still on the hunt for those of you that love to write so if you are interested in getting your words in bright lights (well GY ones!) then please e-mail

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Hands on Experience

Created 03/08/2010 15:53 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

Our internships are an opportunit y to get real hands on experience (not just making the tea) with great Yorkshire employers. With our internships you will complete a work readiness programme and have the opportunity for further industry specific training. Also, you will gain the skills and experience needed to really get ahead of the competition. What's more, we value talent, so all our internships are paid.


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Sales....what does that word mean to you?

Created 29/07/2010 14:18 Last updated 23/09/2015 09:30

Most of us have preconceived ideas but do you

actually know anything about it - have you invested

the time to find out more about this career?  Kindly

Anna Edmondson, Lead HR Officer from Trustmarque Solutions,

has given a thorough break down of what a sales career actually entails....

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Social Media Recruitment Live Blog

Created 27/07/2010 12:37 Last updated 25/12/2013 16:57

Join us today as recruiters and graduates

come together to discuss the hot topic of

social media recruitment. 

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Remember your P’s and Q’s

Created 20/07/2010 11:45 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

Are you standing out from the crowd?

Lindsey Davies from Open Communications

shows us why a little bit of personality never

goes amiss when applying for jobs....

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Why one graduate is willing to tackle the job market head on!

Created 13/07/2010 12:18 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42
PR picture of a typewriterOne Yorkshire graduate lets us know why she's 

still staying positive on the hunt for a graduate job... 

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