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Snow Time!

Created 13/12/2010 15:20 Last updated 18/02/2017 12:13


December has been one snowy month - and we're only half way through it! Luckily the icy climates are behind us (for now) and we can reflect on one of the coldest December's for years!

As the snow arrived we couldn't help but set you guys a bit of a seasonal challenge. 

The aim: to build the best Snowman in Yorkshire.

Method: To be as creative as you could with the vast amounts of snow available to you!

Prize: A £20 Amazon voucher

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Got that Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Created 15/11/2010 09:53 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42



Then why not tap into some local talent.  A leading Keighley entrepreneur has started a new initiative called Co-working Keighley that brings local people who wish to start their own business together.


Sean Gilligan, who heads up this exciting concept, is no stranger to starting up his own business with his own company, Webanywhere, employing 70 staff.   The aim of Co-Working Keighley is to bring like-minded people together with the opportunity of being mentored by a circle of experts.


Not only will you receive some expert advice but the first bunch of co-workers will be provided with desk space which you can use occasionally or on a full time basis.

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Tip of the Month

Created 15/11/2010 09:40 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

 Review, Review & Review some more!



Ok so you've put your CV up on the GY site and you sit back happy in the knowledge that it's finally been written! We're sorry to break the bad news but you should constantly be reviewing your CV.  If you're gaining new experience you need to add to it.  If you're applying to lots of different companies you need to tailor it to each one!


It's not cool to send CVs & covering letters that have been copied & pasted from one application to another.  Remember to keep it personable and really show your enthusiasm for why you're applying for that role!  Here are some quick tips to writing the best CV:


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Jobs in Lights

Created 15/11/2010 09:33 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42



If you believe everything you read in the papers you'd be feeling quite negative & thinking there aren't that many grad jobs out there.  Although corporate companies may be cutting down on their recruitment we're finding small businesses in Yorkshire are actually looking for more grads!


This month we're bringing you a new feature - Jobs in Lights.  This is where we showcase some of the great graduate jobs on our site at the mo.


Of course there's loads more on the site so if none of these take your fancy why not sign up to Jobs-by-Email.  All you have to do is go to your settings, click which sectors you're interested in & every time a new one comes in we'll e-mail it straight to you!  Can't get better than that!


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Stuck for the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Created 15/11/2010 09:07 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42



Well we may just have the thing for you! Whether you're from Yorkshire or an adoptee of our lovely county why not be Yorkshire and proud and buy the T-shirt?!


Our ‘Made in Yorkshire' t-shirts are always a hit with people when we're out and about so we thought we'd bring them directly to your door.  Available in an array of colours and sizes these are the perfect Xmas gift and always guaranteed a giggle!


You may have just found the best Christmas Present!

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And the Winner is…..

Created 09/11/2010 16:28 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42

 ......Graduates Yorkshire!



We're delighted to announce that on Thursday evening Graduates Yorkshire was awarded ‘Best Regional Job Board' at the National Online Recruitment Awards (otherwise known as the NORAs.)


This awards ceremony is really the crème de la crème of events in the recruitment industry so we're very proud to be recognised for all of our hard work.

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LinkedIn Live Chat with LinkedIn expert Mark Williams

Created 15/10/2010 15:55 Last updated 30/03/2018 10:52



If you haven't heard of LinkedIn before now is the time to start listening!  LinkedIn is similar to Facebook as it's a social network but its focus is on business.  80 million members are now signed up to LinkedIn with over 4 million UK professionals creating an online profile.  If you haven't already got a profile, you need to.  If your profile is lying dormant, now is the time to start being active!


We're really pleased that Mark Williams, Certified LinkedIn Expert and Trainer, kindly agreed to answer all your questions and share his wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn. 

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Graduates Yorkshire Hosts Question Time 13/10/2010

Created 13/10/2010 07:52 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42




Graduates Yorkshire and Leeds Met are delighted to hold our very own Question Time.  Although we do not have the pleasure of David Dimberly attending, we do have someone as equally talented taking the hot seat...our CEO Martin Edmondson.

Alongside him there will be a panel of regional and local employers who you can pose your questions to.

The topic of the afternoon is ‘Getting  graduates into public sector jobs'.  Recently the news has been quite negative regarding  graduate employability in this sector but this is your time to speak to the experts and see what it's really like.

The event will be held at Leeds Met on Wednesday 13th September from 2-4pm in the Rose Bowl.

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Another Happy Intern

Created 13/10/2010 07:47 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42




Richard Booth tells us why his Internship was so great at Campus Mag - so much so he's now employed full time with them!


I'm really enjoying my internship, I've completed similar ones before and left to do more menial tasks, but at Campus Mags I was thrown into the deep end from day one and I'm loving it!  Everyone in the office works well as a team and we're always helping each other out with the varying tasks we have.


I feel really comfortable here as we're always given direction but if I have suggestions they'll always take them on board too.  If I have any problems or questions I always feel fine about asking my boss as he's very approachable.


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Is too much negativity necessarily a good thing in the social media circus?

Created 06/10/2010 12:24 Last updated 12/12/2013 14:42



With social media, as in life, there are people who see the glass as half full, and people who see the glass as half empty. This has become increasingly apparent to me as I have used social media more. Again, as in real life, those with the consistently negative points of view eventually wear you down, and they cease to become interesting or engaging. Now don't get me wrong, healthy scepticism and constructive criticism are vital in personal and professional life, but I always struggle with those who brandish negativity as a badge of honour.

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