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Apply for RISE 13!

Created 27/06/2017 14:00 Last updated 11/09/2019 16:48

RISE 13 is now live, so now's the time to apply for this incredible opportunity!

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RISE 12 Is Now Live!

Created 30/03/2017 12:11 Last updated 22/08/2017 23:50

As the 12th cohort is now live, we look back on all the things RISE has achieved!

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New Year, New You?

Created 25/12/2016 16:14 Last updated 01/04/2018 03:35

We all know the feeling, but before you start with HIIT training and juice only diets you may want to follow these 5 simple steps to job fitness in 2017.

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The Art of a Cover Letter

Created 06/12/2012 16:11 Last updated 29/09/2017 20:31

I graduated six years ago. Yes, that’s right. I have been a graduate twice as long as I was ever a student. But it’s only been in recent years that I finally understood the need for a cover letter. I spent my uni days and early career thinking a cover letter was a bit of a waste of time and pointless repetition of my CV. I would start sentences with the phrase “as you can see on my CV blah blah” or “I’d like to draw your attention to xyz experience” which I now realise was a waste of valuable persuasion space!

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Revealed: What Graduate Employers Really Want…

Created 06/12/2012 16:08 Last updated 26/11/2016 20:00

Ever feel like you have no idea what it is that graduate employers are actually looking for? We have all been there. But to help, we went and asked them!

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Win an Ipad Mini!

Created 06/12/2012 15:25 Last updated 26/11/2016 17:04

Calling all 2011 and 2012 UK graduates – in return for completing an online questionnaire about your perspective on the graduate job market, you have a chance to win an iPad mini!

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Evidencing your skills: the so what principle

Created 06/12/2012 14:57 Last updated 05/10/2017 05:47

The most useful feedback on my first attempt at a graduate CV was “so what?” This pearl of wisdom was given to me rather bluntly by my university careers service. I was rather hoping that they would either tell me my CV was brilliant, or tell me in very specific detail what I had to say to make it brilliant. Instead I got “so what?” So why was this so useful?

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Winners of the Yorkshire Graduate Employer of the Year Awards Announced

Created 07/09/2012 12:46 Last updated 19/03/2018 04:55

Graduate employers, large and small, from across Yorkshire and the Humber came together last night for the Yorkshire Graduate Employer of the Year Awards. The awards, founded by Graduates Yorkshire, are to celebrate the commitment to the personal and professional development of Yorkshire’s graduates by the region’s employers. The awards were supported and sponsored by the Yorkshire Universities.

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Class of 2012? What now?

Created 31/07/2012 17:50 Last updated 25/01/2017 17:22

If you graduated this year no doubt you have been scouring jobs sites and doing plenty of soul searching to work out what (and where) your ideal job is, and the career path you’d like to follow. But how do you make sure you are ready when you finally see it- the prefect job, at the perfect company, that you simply must have!?

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Happy Birthday Graduates Yorkshire

Created 27/07/2012 12:53 Last updated 05/10/2017 05:42

It’s a triple whammy of celebration for Graduates Yorkshire today. Not only is it Yorkshire Day (our favourite day of the year!) it is also our fifth birthday, and to top it off we have also reached the amazing milestone of having 50,000 graduates registered on our site!

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