How useful did you find Yorkshire Graduates whilst looking for a job?

After a year’s placement experience working in graduate recruitment and development, I felt I had a good understanding of the graduate market, the companies I wanted to apply for and what these companies wanted in a graduate. However, the reality was that I graduated in a time when graduates were many and vacancies were few. My break came when I received an email from Yorkshire Graduates with an exciting job opportunity which wasn’t the typical graduate role. Once I sent in my application I started to have regular contact with Yorkshire Graduates who were very helpful in keeping me informed throughout the process.

What’s great about living and working in Yorkshire?

For me, working in Yorkshire is fantastic! Leeds is such a vibrant city with so many hubs of excitement to explore and I am grateful to have so many social options after a hard day’s work. The local nightlife is great when you need to let your hair down and the collection of local quaint villages compliments the city. In addition Leeds is the cultural, financial and commercial heart of West Yorkshire whilst being the UK’s largest centre for business, legal and financial services outside of London.

What do you like about working for Farnell?

When I began working for Farnell in January I was struck by the fast paced energetic culture and the talented people around me from an array of diverse backgrounds. At this time I was working fairly independently on a short term project role, I loved the autonomy, responsibility and freedom to produce excellent results and was offered incomparable support and confidence from my manager.

When this temporary contract was over, I attended a graduate event within the company and after a selection of assessments, a role within the organisation was created for me based on my aspirations. The new role was the European HR Directors Business Assistant, and I also spent time working on strategic projects in the marketing department to develop business acumen and enhance networks and relevant skills.

This is one of the many key things I love about Farnell, the focus on developing people through the organisation alongside the array of activities developed to make it a great place to work, which it truly is!- But that’s another story.

What responsibilities have you been given?

One of the many responsibilities I have been given is to manage a Global Recruitment Systems project after which I personally put forward my proposal to the Chief People Officer. Furthermore, I have had the chance to work on exciting ad hoc projects in HR and Marketing including branding days and European Forum.

What skills have you developed?          

I continually improve and develop by focusing on HR related functional skills, such as communication and the ability to become a quick learner, a must in the ever changing world of HR. This is helped by the network I have been able to build up through the organisation on a global level. Not only have I developed an understanding of different countries, cultures and business ideas but have gained a real hunger to strive and work overseas.

What would you say is the best thing about your job?

It is tough question to answer as there are so many. However if I was to select just one favourite aspect of my current job, it would be the working environment. The fast paced environment is focused on customer service excellence and, combined with inspirational leadership, it provides a perfect environment for individuals to thrive.