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Don't be fooled into thinking that all roles in the IT sector are bound to be technical. Granted you're likely to need to know your way around a computer and be tech savvy but you'll find roles on offer in web design, web page management, web marketing and sales as well as the traditional roles in programming, networks and software engineering. 

Since the industry exploded in the early 90's the IT sector has seen a steady growth with more and more businesses moving operations online such as the boom in online recruitment and estate agency and most companies now have some kind of online presence. Many companies are now also heavily reliant on computers and the internet to operate the day to day running of the business with most common office procedures being computer based.  

This all means that for IT graduates and those looking to get into the field prospects are good, with companies in IT covering a wide range of functions found all over the region.

There are great strengths in Yorkshire in IT all over the region and particularly in West Yorkshire with around a third of UK internet traffic currently routed through Leeds.

The region is also home to many IT companies working in the creative industry such as internet services and games software development with notable clusters around York, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Leeds and Sheffield. Yorkshire Forward, the county's Regional Development Agency, is working on specific projects to bring more IT jobs into the region. In Sheffield a new e-campus is currently under construction to attract IT related firms to the city and there is also the planned Internet Quarter in Leeds as part of e-HQ Leeds. Already established in the region are the Cultural Industry Quarter in Sheffield, Hull Digital City and Hull's National Grid for Learning that are all home to small and medium sized companies in the IT industry.

A degree in IT is not always a prerequisite for many jobs in the sector but it is definitely an advantage. Many of the larger recruiters train graduate entrants and often look for applicants who show a potential to learn new skills quickly rather than those with expertise in a single area but many smaller companies are likely to look for specific skill sets.

Job vacancies in IT

Useful links:

Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)

IMIS is the leading professional association in the Information Systems management sector, which plays a prominent role in fostering greater understanding of the importance of IS management, working to enhance the status of those engaged in the profession, and promoting higher standards through better education and training, both in the UK and overseas. IMIS focuses specifically on the practical application and management of information systems within society.

British Computer Society

The British Computer Society (BCS) is the industry body for IT professionals, and a Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology (IT). With members in over 100 countries around the world, the BCS is the leading professional and learned Society in the field of computers and information systems.

British Computer Society Magazine

Website for the magazine of the British Computer Society.

Sector Skills Council for IT

e-skills UK acts as the voice of employers on IT to create the skills environment that businesses need to be productive and competitive.

UK Internet Directory

Searchable online directory for internet related products and services.

Yorkshire Forward Digital Industries Cluster

Useful background information and links on the digital industries in the region and the work that Yorkshire Forward is doing to encourage the formation of a digital industries cluster. This cluster encompasses electronics (including telecoms), ICT, creative, cultural, media, print, packaging and design businesses.

Specific information on the e-campus at Sheffield.

Cultural Industries Quarter (CIQ)

The Cultural Industries Quarter is an area in the heart of Sheffield that is home to the largest concentration of creative production in Yorkshire and Humber.

Hull Digital City

Hull is rapidly transforming into a World Class Digital City. The City has its own telecommunications company, Kingston Communications, as well as a world-class technology and infrastructure. offers a graduate apprenticeship which provides customised and certified training for new graduates entering IT.


Techmesh is a not for profit organisation, supported by Yorkshire Forward and Business Link. Techmesh is building a network of IT & Telecom companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region. techmesh offers networking events, business development, professional skills development and professional services provision for IT & telecom organisations in the region.