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Make January that little bit easier

Last updated 24-Sep-17 02:35

December does funny things to people. Somehow having Christmas on the horizon prevents most people from planning beyond their New Year’s Eve celebrations. We're definitely guilty of that. But where does that leave us in January? The first couple of days back are always hard but our lack of foresight in December makes it even harder to get back on track.

One of the most popular things to put off until the New Year is recruitment. But just think how nice it would be to have a pile of CVs in your inbox come January 2nd rather than an empty desk and a four week wait to get those CVs because you put off advertising until January?

There seems to be a myth amongst recruiters that nobody is looking for a job in the lead up to Christmas so you should wait until January to get all those eager post-new-year’s-resolution career changers. But that’s not what we’re seeing at all. Job seekers are active all year round, and there’s lots of people looking to secure a new job for 2014 right now.

There’s another advantage to having a bit of December foresight and that’s less competition. While your fellow recruiters scramble to advertise vacancies in the first couple of weeks of January, you will be interviewing the pick of the crop who already applied for your vacancy. Put yourself in your candidate’s position. If you knew you wanted to change jobs, and you had the chance to get all the applications done before you get distracted by a fridge full of festive goodies, you would happily apply now, than wait until January to look for vacancies.

So, as hard as it is to think beyond the end of December, it might be worth a little bit of foresight now, to make January 2nd that little bit easier to face.

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