CV Advice

Honesty - One of the main attributes given to someone from Yorkshire and just one piece of advice we at the Yorkshire Graduates office would give you in constructing your CV.

A sparkling CV could get your foot in the door with the company you’ve always dreamed of working for. The most important thing is getting the content right but making sure it’s in an acceptable format, is easy to read and has no spelling errors could really make a difference to whether the company takes you seriously as a candidate for the job.

Read on for more tips on how we think your CV should look and read to impress prospective employers:

  • It should be no longer than two pages long. Employers will want to know about your achievements, education and work history as well as your personal qualities and aspirations – not your whole life story.
  • Use clear sections and subtitles so the reader can easily identify the important bits.
  • Every job is different so your CV should be too. Make sure you spend a few minutes tailoring your CV to each new job you are applying for and pay particular attention to the skills and attributes the employer has mentioned in the advert.
  • Honesty is always the best policy. It's easy to be tempted to bend the truth on your CV but lies have a tendency to come back and haunt you.
  • Remember to work backwards with any employment or education history. Starting with the most recent, be specific with dates and try to account for any gaps in employment such as travelling or education.
  • Your Work History is a great place to highlight learning, achievements, and application of skills. Instead of saying "I managed a team of staff" how about saying: "I managed a team of 10 staff and organised weekly meetings, which improved communication within the team and helped develop my management skills.”
  • If your work experience is limited try to mention skills and experience that you have acquired outside of work such as through a sporting activity or social group.
  • Your CV shouldn’t be gimmicky. Whether you’re applying for a job in accountancy or graphic design it should still follow the basic rules of format and presentation. The information on your CV is what’s really important and bold graphics will only draw attention away from your actual achievements.
  • Make sure all the contact info on there is accurate and up-to-date and at the top of your CV. There's no point in having a great CV if the employer can't get hold of you.
  • Spell check carefully. Don't just rely on your computer as they don't always pick up mistakes. If you’re worried get a friend to check it over too.
  • Remember to make a copy of your CV and covering letter to refer to in case you are asked to an interview. You don't want to forget what you said if the employer mentions something from your application.